Can assist a mark owner at all stages of the trademark process and is also qualified to act in matters involving trademark law and practice and provide legal advice on trademark and design matters.

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If you’re looking for a trademark lawyer, Al Raqeem Intellectual Property has experienced professionals that can fully assist you with your application from start to the end of the process to ensure that your trademarks are registered and your business is protected. We offer transparent, fixed-free pricing so that you can have predictability in costs as you move forward. We will keep you updated of all developments on the progress of your intellectual property.

Questions for Your Intellectual Property Lawyer

Consulting an intellectual property lawyer is critical for entrepreneurs and well-established businesses. Your strategy needs to be creative and flexible, Sometimes the best thing to do is to protect your IP rights very rigorously. Other times it may make sense to give something away.

Simply put, patents protect inventions, copyrights protect creative works, trademarks are a word or symbol associated with a company or product, and a trade secret is information not privy to the public that provides a competitive edge.

You probably already know that you can trademark a name or logo for your business. But you may also be able to trademark a product design, such as the Coca Cola bottle shape, or a sound, such as the NBC chimes. A trademark registration attorney can help you identify what you can or should register as a trademark, how to trademark a name for your business, and why one trademark may be more valuable than another.

It’s crucial to ask this at the beginning of the process, because it can add a lot of cost and complexity to the equation, but is also incredibly important

If you haven’t settled on a business name or logo yet, a trademark attorney can offer valuable advice on choosing a strong mark that will offer you maximum protection.

For example, not all business names are suitable for trademark protection. Names that are generic or descriptive, like “New York Pizza” usually can’t be trademarked, while made up names like “Kodak” get strong trademark protection but tell you nothing about the products they identify. A trademark attorney can explain the rules, conduct a trademark search for similar marks, and help you evaluate the strength and enforceability of your business name or other mark.

Businesses or individuals with their IP protected in the U.A.E. can file a complaint in the Ministry. If you believe an international product is infringing on your Trademark, one remedy is to stop those items at the border.

Consulting an IP attorney about potential legal action is a good idea because the answer will depend on your particular situation. In some cases, it makes sense to rigorously protect your IP rights. But other times, it’s more sensible to let it go.

A trademark registration only protects your mark for use in a particular class of goods or services. The USPTO has a long list of trademark classes, and it’s important to pick the correct one so you can register your mark and protect it from infringement. Choosing a class can be confusing, however, because a good or service might potentially fall into more than one class. And sometimes it’s a good idea to register for more than one class. An attorney can help you decide.

Charges a filing fee per class of goods or services you register. So if you register a trademark in more than one trademark class, you will pay a higher fee. You can expect to pay additional fees if you want to register your trademarks overseas. Your attorney will also charge you legal fees, usually either hourly or as a flat fee. You may also pay costs associated with a trademark search. Understanding the trademark cost up front will help you evaluate which trademarks you want to register.

Registering your trademark is only the first step in protecting your trademark. You also must use your registered trademark in your business and use it properly. “Aspirin” and “Escalator” were once trademarked brand names, but they lost their trademark protection because their owners didn’t control their use. The Patent and Trademark Office doesn’t enforce trademarks – that’s up to you as a trademark owner. A trademark attorney can offer guidance on how to use and enforce your trademark.

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